About Erudite Private School

ERUDITE is a collaborative learning ecosystem that uses outstanding teachers, extensive research and innovative tools enhanced by outside classroom activities to offer a personalized and 'whole child' learning experience for the next generation.

Our Mission

We believe that every child should have access to an exceptional, personalized education which enables him/her to be happy and to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Our Values

ERUDITE is 100% focused on our students. Our personalized learning approach puts each child at the center of everything we do. Smaller student:teacher ratios, state-of-the-art classroom design, collaboration with families and technology enable a flexible learning ecosystem that integrates individual, group and experiential learning.

ERUDITE is dynamic.

Our analytical data driven approach and core strengths in innovation combine the best educational practices with the latest tools. Our educators build learning experiences that are adaptive at their core and keep our children engaged.

ERUDITE is rigorous.

Students learn best when they are interested. By personalizing learning to each student's needs and passions, we can challenge him/her. Students learn at a level that pushes them, but not so much that they disengage. We also provide frequent quantitative and qualitative feedback to ensure that students and parents are prepared for success.

ERUDITE is holistic.

We utilize the synergy between studying, well-being, passion and creativity by applying techniques to engage and balance the right and left side of the brain in order to motivate and engage students.

ERUDITE is a partnership.

We believe it is vital to have parents integrally involved in their children's education. We measure parent satisfaction and offer tools so that parents can understand how their children are learning at any point in time - not just at parent/teacher interviews.