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Erudite School Toronto - Spring Concert  
The end of the month of May was celebrated in style with our annual Spring Concert.

Orchestrated by Miss Svetlana, the children showcased their many talents in the delightful, heartwarming recital. English, French and Russian acts were intertwined through music, dance, poetry and plays.

Behind the scenes, the teachers created and practiced the performances with the children. The students’ dedicated effort during the rehearsals and their focus during the concert enabled them to fully savour their ‘shining’ moments on stage.

Photographs are posted on our facebook page.

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By: Eruditeschool | May 14, 2019

Parents often receive advice from teachers and pediatricians to read aloud to their children.  Science has now proven that reading to children actually changes their brains.  Those who were read to at home demonstrated greater activity in the parts of the brain that help with narrative comprehension and visual imagery.  The American Academy of Pediatrics states that, "Parents who spend time reading to their children create nurturing relationships, which is important for a children's cognitive, language and social-emotional development."

Many thanks to Miss Andrea for coordinating the Scholastic Book programme.  It is a wonderful opportunity for families to choose books that can be read by or ...

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By: Eruditeschool | May 09, 2019


Alone we can do so little.

Together we can do so much.

Helen Keller


Group work possesses many benefits in an academic setting.  It promotes cooperation, enhances conversation skills and teaches the children how to share and be fair.  Being part of a group requires compromise and enhances self-confidence. 


During team activities, children have the opportunity to communicate with each other to achieve a common goal.  When the team dynamics lead to successful collaborations, everyone in the group wins resulting in a positive experience for all.


What children can do together today, they can do alone tomorrow.


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By: Eruditeschool | February 25, 2019

It can be heart wrenching to watch children make mistakes.  Our instinct is to protect them.  However, valuable lessons are learned through failures as children gain confidence when they rebound and persevere. 

As educators at Erudite School, we provide a safe environment in which the students are not afraid to take risks.  When they err, it strengthens their learning and teaches them resilience.  The patience and trust that the teachers have in the children encourages them to be competent, independent and goal-oriented. 

Studies have proven that praising children for their efforts has a much more significant impact on their self-concepts than praising children for their academic achievements. Although effort doe...

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By: Eruditeschool | January 25, 2019

What is taught within the confines of a classroom at school should never be limited to
academics. In order to prepare the children for all that life offers, school environments strive to
enhance experiences of trust, respect, teamwork and creativity which leads to a healthy
self-concept. Once a child has the confidence to take risks and learn that mistakes are learning
experiences and not failures, he/she can fully embrace opportunities with enthusiasm and
inspiration. Along this journey, the child learns how to treat others the way he/she would like to
be treated establishing a compassionate and empathetic philosophy. It is the job of teachers to
demonstrate to the students:

  • that originality should be embraced and that it is ‘okay’ to be different...

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By: Eruditeschool | December 16, 2018

Food is our common ground.  A universal experience. 

  James Beard

On Tuesday, December 11, 2018, the Grades Three and Five girls enjoyed an international food fest. As each of the students is working on a research project on a country of her choice, the meal consisted of dishes from the various countries.  On the menu was sushi, pizza, sausages with sauerkraut salad, butter cookies, apple strudel, Christmas cake and panettone.  Many thanks to the parents of the students for generously supporting the luncheon.

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By: Eruditeschool | December 09, 2018

There was plenty of Christmas cheer at our fourth annual Christmas celebration on Friday, December 7, 2018!  The delightful performances of the children in English, French and Russian provided great entertainment.  Many thanks to Miss Svetlana for coordinating the evening’s performances and to Miss Daria for her behind-the-scenes contribution.  Much gratitude to all of the parents for their support before, during and after the concert. 


We will post photos of that special evening shortly. 

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By: Eruditeschool | November 25, 2018

Throughout the school year, the school recognizes each child’s birthday by setting aside time at lunch to sing “Happy Birthday’ and present the child with a special gift chosen especially for him/her.  A lovely tradition!  


On Monday, the entire school was fortunate to be the audience for an interactive puppet show arranged by the parents of a JK child to mark their son’s birthday.  The two performers gave a lively presentation which delighted the students and staff.   We greatly appreciate the family kindly including us in the celebration of the birthday boy. 









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By: Eruditeschool | November 20, 2018

“Parental involvement in education is like the frosting on a cupcake.  It

  makes it complete and oh, so sweet.”

On November 8 and 9, parent-teacher conferences were scheduled following the distribution of Progress Reports.  It was wonderful to see so many parents in attendance.  It gave the teachers the opportunity to discuss the children’s progress and to obtain feedback from the parents. 


We were delighted to host a Parents Social meeting on Friday, November 16.  Thank you to all who attended.  It was an informal get-together filled with food, fun and laughter.  We hope to schedule more in the future.


With much appreciation, we would like to acknowledge the support from our parent g...

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By: Eruditeschool | November 07, 2018

“It’s never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest you.”


On Monday and Tuesday of this past week, the children of Grades 1,3 and 5 visited Happy Nutrition.  Olga Glass, the owner, kindly agreed to host the children for seminars on Healthy Eating.  The students were active participants as Olga provided hands-on activities, videos and advice as to how to make good food choices. 


Both groups (Grade One and Grades Three/Five) prepared for the field trip by completing different tasks prior to the visits.  Olga extended these assignments through the posing of questions and encouraging the students to use this information to apply to their daily lives. 


We would like to extend our...

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