Eight Reasons Why Your Child Would Be Happy In Our Kindergarten Programme

1. Children learn best through playing.

By engaging in games, children begin to read, count, sort and use patterns. At the ages of four and five, the primary educational focus is play-based at Erudite School.

2. Morning is the best time for academic subjects.

Our mornings are set aside for English and French, Reading and Writing along with Math and Science.
Junior Kindergarten - Senior Kindergarten - Erudite Private School Toronto

3. Circle Time is a fun way to engage students into discussions.

During Circle Time each day, our students participate in group discussions related to the topics they have learned.

4. The time spent outside is an important part of the daily schedule.

A conveniently located park is our source of daily adventures. Our students enjoy fresh air, good company and the playground.

Outdoor Time - Nature Lovers - Erudite School Toronto

5. Hot nutritious lunches are available to order.

Our students have the opportunity to enjoy a hot two-course lunch (main meal) if ordered through Full Cup Catering. It has been our wonderful culinary partner for four years. All of the food is prepared from scratch to provide tasty and fresh food for our students. Children are welcome to bring their own lunches, if they wish. We have a kitchen in the school that is equipped with a fridge. For hot food, children must bring thermoses from home.

Hot Lunches - Healthy Food - Erudite School Toronto

6. There is a designated nap time after lunch.

After the lunch break, you may hear a lullaby or a piano gently playing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars" to the youngest students of our school. Our kindergarten class has the opportunity to nap in a secluded, shaded area in our school.

7. Each child has an Individual Learning Map.

After rest time, the children have an opportunity to play with their friends.  This grants teachers the opportunity to work with children individually in a programme based on individual needs. 

8. Sports and Art are the closing acts of the day.

The children finish their days with either Sports or Arts.  They sing, paint, play musical instruments, participate in drama among other activities. 

Sports - Soccer - Erudite Private School


English, French, Russian.

  • Math and Logic
  • Science
  • Physical Education
  • Music and Drama
  • Visual Arts

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