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Early childhood education creates a strong groundwork for the journey of learning. 

Junior Kindergarten 

The Junior Kindergarten programme is designed to build motivation and confidence.  Early learning encompasses many aspects - expansion of knowledge, encouragement of physical activity, growth of creativity and empathy for others.  The development of math, reading, phonics, language, motor skills and life skills is the foundation of the curriculum coupled with purposeful play.  Play is crucial for healthy development of the brain. It allows children to develop their imagination, dexterity as well as physical, cognitive and emotional attributes.   

Senior Kindergarten

As the stepping stone between Junior Kindergarten and Grade One, the curriculum for Senior Kindergarten stimulates growth by encouraging the children to make age-appropriate decisions and working independently and as a member of a group.  Attention is paid on phonics, vocabulary, math concepts and problem solving, fine motor skills through art and writing and gross motor skills during physical education classes.  Play time is an integral element of the daily routine. 

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