Hot Lunches 2022/2023

Dear parents,

Starting from September 6, 2023 hot lunches will be provided as usual by Full Cup Catering. Pizza is provided from local family own company Pizza Depot.

  • The cost per meal is $12.5. All hot lunch orders will be ordered on a monthly basis.
  • All payments will be collected in school no later that last day of previous month in CASH only. Please use school mailboxes to submit your payment in envelop with your child name and month. 
  • You can sent with your child clean containers/thermoses and cutlery or use paper plates provided.
  • You can "freeze" your account if your child is absent from school. To do that please notify us no later than 24 hours before school day by submitting hot lunches order/freeze form. For example: Your child is staying home for Tuesday. You should send a note no later than Monday 9 am through hot lunches order/freeze form.
  • Unfortunately, we are not able to offer lunches if a child has any food allergies.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email or phone at 416 8301213.

Regular Menu. September 6th, 2023


  • Unit A: Chicken meatball soup and fresh vegetables; 
  • Unit B: Chicken meatball soup or Green salad; 
  • Units A and B: Pasta with chicken meatballs


  • Unit A: Chicken alphabet noodle soup and fresh vegetables; 
  • Unit B: Chicken alphabet noodle soup and fresh vegetables or Caesar Salad;   
  • Units A and B: Crapes with Maple syrup


  • Unit A: Trout soup and fresh vegetables;  
  • Unit B: Trout soup or Green salad; 
  • Units A and B: Burger (beef and vegetables)


  • Unit A: Turkey meatball soup and fresh vegetables;  
  • Unit B: Turkey meatball soup and fresh vegetable or Tomato salad with sour cream;  
  • Units A and B: Cheese or Chicken pizza 


  • Unit A: Chicken meatball soup and fresh vegetables
  • Unit B: Chicken meatball soup and Carrot salad
  • Units A and B: Chicken parmesan with rice;  

Order or Freeze Hot Lunches